Have I been through a lot, do I need help?

I am thinking about getting councelling. I'm not looking for sympathy but do you think I've been through a lot. This is a serious question... So growing up I was always bullied so when I got to 14 u totally changed my look and dyed my hair just so I would be left alone. My brother was an over achiever so I was considered the "Stupid one". Even though I done well in everything. At 15 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and suicidal ideation. I underwent therapy. I also had A bit of an eating disorder and would always cover up and not eat. I lost so much body weight in a year. Never had a good relationship with my dad as he was never really interested in what I was doing. At 18 I leave school to work in a restaurant and I get sexually assaulted and harassed by the managers for 8 months. After, I leave City and get in a relationship with a controlling boyf telling me what to wear, where to go etc. Then he broke my heart. I work non stop after to save money for a boob job to have more confidence in myself. I recover from that on my own as I never told my family. I get a new job and the boss picks me apart but I get married a month later and I accidentally get pregnant so as a result I have an abortion. The abortion was very painful. Have I been through a lot? Do I need help you think? I still suffer from depression and anxiety.
Have I been through a lot, do I need help?
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