Do Over the Counter Testosterone Boosters work? Or are they just scams?

A few months ago, my Diagnostician Doctor tested my Testosterone levels and it was in the "Normal" range, but it was on the low side of the "normal" range.

I am 39 years old and I'm not as strong as I would like to be, I've had some health issues such as type 2 diabetes which has caused some nerve problems and muscle atrophy. I am trying to train to fight in MMA at 175 to 180 pounds. I would like to boost my testosterone legally to the high end of normal. So my question to anybody who knows (I'm going to ask the doctor about this anyway,) my question is, do these over the counter testosterone boosters work, or are they just a scam? about 3 months ago, someone tod me to take Zinc and Magnesium vitamin supplements for this. The Doctor didn't have anything against it, so I've been doin gthat since then, and I"m also on a D3 supplement and a Super B-Complex supplement, both "prescribed" by my doctor; since I eat zero carbs I need the 100% Niacin in the B-Complex supplement anyway.

My diet is 4 boiled eggs for breakfast, and half a rotisserie chicken split between lunch and dinner, and sometimes I eat about 150 calories worth of vegetables, which is about 4 servings of vegetables. Most vegetables are Catabolic, which means they burn more calories than they produce when digested.

Also is there any legal way to boost Human Growth Hormone which is not a scam? I've read articles by athletes who admitted they cheated and injected Human Growth Hormone, and they said it improved everything and it even improved their eye sight. I would like to try to boost both my testosterone and Human Growth Hormone legally, to try to help cut stubborn belly fat and try to help build about 10 pounds of total body muscle all together. I want to build 10 pounds of total muscle by 6 months from now. I am 39 years old, so it's not getting any easier to train to build muscle.

My testosterone being on the "low" side of "normal" is annoying.
Do Over the Counter Testosterone Boosters work? Or are they just scams?
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