Restrictions were lifted and now I have chest pains, cough and throat is sore?

I very well could be in a panick and freaking out over nothing but here's the run down. Keep in mind I do have mild allergies every year and I also smoke cigarettes. So our restrictions were lifted in my state about 4 weeks ago and just about everything is now open to the public. Since then we have had two outbreaks; both of which are at our local nursing home facilities. My best friend works at one of these facilities but she had told me she hadn't been going to work because she has cancer and her immune system is shot. Turns out she had been working for the 2 weeks leading up to her inviting me over to her house for a small birthday get together for herself. I did hug her and my niece but it was brief and aside from that we maintained the 6 feet apart rule. I had no idea there was an outbreak at this time. It has now been 8 days and my chest is starting to hurt. If I breath through my nose I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen which leads to me gasping for air. My throat is sore. Very mild headaches but that is nothing new. Small cough but nothing major. I have been having some bowel trouble, which I heard is a symptom. Runny nose but when I blow my nose nothing comes up. She got tested on Thursday and her results are not back yet but her facility has 57 confirmed cases (if you go by the news center that made the story public). No one that I know that works there has been tested positive yet (they only have 12 staff members and I know 8 of them) but their managers are telling them that out of those 57, 9 of the positive cases are staff. So I think the numbers might be exaggerated but I have no proof. Since then I have been around my kids and my mother in law who has COPD and Lupus. We are now awaiting results of my friend. Local ER won't test us, even with my symptoms. But do you think I possibly have it with said symptoms? I did cut back to 4 cigarettes a day to see if it would help but it hasn't. I'm the only one with these symptoms in my house.
Restrictions were lifted and now I have chest pains, cough and throat is sore?
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