In your opinion, does this mean I have a drinking problem?

So before the questions come flying in, yes, I do enjoy drinking. No I dont drink every day. Sometimes its 4 times a week, sometimes its once every 3 weeks. My family does have a long line of alcoholics which is kind of why I am reaching out. Ever since this pandemic started and I have been stuck at home and stressing about everything, I have found that I want to drink earlier and more often. I kind of suck at this because I am always making comparisons. Such as my dad.. he wakes up every morning and cracks a beer and doesn't stop drinking until he passes out at night. So I look at that and think "well I'm not that bad". Its toxic to compare, I know. I try not to do it.
I feel like I might be getting pretty bad at this point. Some mornings I wake up and want to crack open a beer myself but usually dont, though I have a few times. I will normally force myself to wait until at least after 12pm and at that point the feeling of wanting to drink generally goes away. However, there are some days where I will look at the case of beer in my fridge and feel a "need" for it. Even if I'm not feeling up to drinking. I will still feel like I need it some days. And I know there is a lot of debate on whether or not that makes you an alcoholic. The need versus the want aspect.
I never get trashed and generally dont even drink enough to catch a buzz. I enjoy the taste of beer, which I think is where my problem is stemming from. I have tried non-alcoholic beers and I dont like them. Probably because I subconsciously know there is no alcohol in it so it just gives me a headache.
In your opinion is this the developing signs of a dependency toward alcohol? If so, what are some ways to "distract" myself to make those cravings go away. If in your opinion this isn't an issue, what are some ways I can prevent it from turning into one? Thanks in advance!
In your opinion, does this mean I have a drinking problem?
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