Did I do the right thing?

NOTE: I do admit this post seeks a bit of validation/second opinion. Also did anyone have covid? When did it get bad? What helped?

I had a covid test. I experienced light headedness and one or two coughs day before. The symptom went away.

This morning, I was coughing more. I'm coughing more than usual now. I have a runny nose, headache and nothing else.

I decided to stay home and go for a covid test today. The test was unpleasant. I have to wait 5 days...

Did I do the right thing in:
- going for a test: they put me in a room with other patients who had symptoms. What if I wasn't sick but became so due to this? Maybe I should've stayed home..

- telling my employer about the test (I have to isolate for 5 days/results):

what if they just fire me? I actually thought about just calling in sick tomorrow, but they could fire me for that too. Also, I thought it was responsible to tell them, but I don't know now. I'm sure my coworkers will treat me like a leper. What if they have to close and my bosses loses his company? What if he sues me for being negligent or something?

- I'm concerned about racism (I'm Asian). There is a reason why I wear shirts labelled Canada at all times. Some white people deliberately go into Asian stores nowadays and scream and throw a fit. There are stories of beatings. Imagine if these racists found out I had a covid or symptom...

I do not look forward to being treated like a leper at work, even after testing negative.

I wish we could just stuff the virus inside president xi jinping and CPP's nose.

THE RATIONAL SIDE OF MY BRAIN TELLS ME I WAS RIGHT BUT THE EMOTIONAL SIDE OF ME TELLS ME I SHOULD BE REGRETFUL... Everything sucks right now especially since my dad had kidney cancer recently and I think a few close people have domestic violence issues.
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Also I feel like lazy shitty person for ordering sushi delivery and comfort food when I didn't earn it by going to work today. I'm a shitty person who orders food without going to work. :(
Did I do the right thing?
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