Tell me your experience?

Sleep paralysis has recently become something more common in my life. It truly terrifies me, personally it seems to be the opposite of my panic attacks... instead of hyperventilating, a state of unbearable pain, screaming/crying and a ton of movement until I blackout... I'm completely numb and can only move my eyes... I am fairly aware of where and what is around me but I cannot speak at all or move my arms and legs. Typically this occurs after some form of nightmare and has lasted has long as 45 minutes trying to 'wake up'. It's only started over the last few months and again is absolutely terrifying, I feel like there's something watching me like in a very intense way and fear it will result in some type of harm to me if I can't get control of myself to be able to move or make noise. Does anyone want to share their experiences, things that help prevent this, other advice?
Tell me your experience?
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