Social anxiety, What do you know?

I never believed in mental disorders because they are just intense feelings of what normal people feel. Untill i realized something, one day i got back home from the supermarket and i felt my heart beating rabidly and i thought to my self why is my heart beating so fast and i remembered that it always does when i get back home, at that moment i knew why i never felt happy in my life and why i didn't get things i always wanted like a girl i like or studying a major that is right for me but i ran from... because it requires socialising and presentations. This is what people call social anxiety, its a 90% genetic mental disorder which some people are simply born with. They will fear anything that requires social skills or just going to buy things from the store.. this disorder makes men less manly becuase they fear.. they fear what women don't fear.. they hide while they seek.. they stay hungry to feed their security.. all i know is that it's not curable and i have to live with it for the rest of my life.
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I don't mean any disrespect for anyone who suffers from mental disorders but i'm saying that they are really intense feeling if what is normally there.. ofc its frustrating and some people commit suicide.. if you don't believe me search, look and reflect on the things i said.
Social anxiety, What do you know?
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