How bad is Postpartum Depression?

I am due to have my baby next week..

My dr told me postpartum depression can be crushing. I already have depression issues, so any women that have had it, could you share so I know how to deal with it?

1 mo
I had the baby a little over a week ago...

my hormones are driving me insane. My dr won't give me any meds (yet) since I am breastfeeding.

I am already fighting depression, anger, rage, crying all the time. Peeps at home are trying to help me, but all I want to do is cry or scream...

I sleep a lot and that is the only time I dont want to kill every one around me or cry coz they said an innocent thing that I took wrong.

I dont wish this on anyone, ever!!!

My dr said it will pass...
How bad is Postpartum Depression?
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