Am I really being "selfish" and "against God" for this?

I have endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and POIS. I am planning to have a complete hysterectomy. My mom says I'm selfish to do so, also because I don't want kids before the surgery. She thinks I should have a few kids before I do it. And she also does not understand that I'm asexual... So I'm okay with this. I'm not saying I hate kids... I just can't live with the pain I have been feeling at only 24.. The Bleeding for months on end... I have been told by my doctor that it would be best not to have kids, cause I could lose the pregnancy or even worst my life.. I was thinking of adopting when I am older and stable.. but my family has a thing about having blood children, more over adopted ones... She says I am faking the POIS, "a woman can't have that! You are just using that as an excuse not to be with men"... I don't know what to say anymore to her about any of it...
Am I really being "selfish" and "against God" for this?
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