Do you firmly believe a woman over 50 can have a ripped, toned body if she starts exercising at that age?

I mean like have flat abs, toned legs, if that person is just starting to wsork out when she is 50 or it is very difficult to accomplish that? I mean as you age your metabolism is slower and you are not young anymore and many things can slow you down to have like a body of a fitness model in their 30 or 40` especially if you are just starting to work out in your life at 50. I mean you can gain more condition sure but to have a very toned and nice body or physique is it really possible if you start at 50? Even if you eat well?

There is a ex former classmate from high school who is almsot 50 has 2 teenage kids and she has a knock out body with ripped abs. But she did not start to work out now, she is a fitness instructor who had always been in the exercise business since she was in her mid 20`s and still she is a fitness coach at her almost 50 years of age, so her business is exercise anyway that is how she gets paid for. She is also a Crossfitter and had pareticipated in different Crossfit competitions locally and in the USA in teh apst 5 yyrs. But she started in the exercise business when she was in her mid 30, she was a Zumba teacher, then quit being a Zumba teacher and then moved forward to more challenging sport like Crossfit and snow she is a certified coach and a fitness instructor. With this pandemic now she is reinventing herself and doing online classes so she created a program called "Fit 50+". In that program she says it is possible to have a nice body and be super fit, even if you had never been that active before.

I mean I acknowledge she wants women over 50 to have a good quality of life and that is very good but she can't pretend women over 50 can have a good physique when these women had never been active before and they are just starting to be active now if they enroll in her program.
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She was always a thin lady even when she was in high school. For instance there is anotehr former classmate who was interested in enrolling in her program and she nicely sent her the information about how the program works. These other classmate had never been active in her life, and she is a big lady and not thin. i mean maybe she may loose some pounds and that is still good, but if can be very difficult to get into a ripped body. I mean for this former classmate, exercise had been part of
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had been part of her life since she was in her mid 20 and started early 30 and she continues to be in that business. Also genetically she had always been a thin lady since she was in high school
Do you firmly believe a woman over 50 can have a ripped, toned body if she starts exercising at that age?
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