Help me, Am I okay?

When I went out the first time after this quarantine, I got so scared to do anything, I use hand sanitizer constantly, and I don't wanna take off my mask even tho it's getting hard to breathe. When I got home I cried so hard because I was so scared, I took a very long shower, that makes sense cause I know what I'm scared of. But the other night I was so fucking scared to go to sleep (I don't know why) but I'm afraid to go downstairs, to look at a certain corner, to move out the bed, scared to close my eyes, I was shaking, and suddenly I'm very very sad and hard the urge to cry, after that I can't stop crying (I even thought if I'm possessed or smth) my chest also hurts and I can't breathe properly but I can't stop that, it was 1-3am, I wanna call someone but I didn't wanna wake anybody up. What's wrong with me?
Help me, Am I okay?
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