Can you ever look skinny with an extremely short torso?

•No matter how much weight I lose, even when substantially underweight, I still look stocky and wide and fat. Even when my stomach is sunken.

•I am 60 inches tall. Exactly 38 of those inches are my legs. Less than 13 of those inches are my torso, and my waist line is 7 inches up. If I wear high waisted pants they touch my boobs.

•I have never met a single person with a short torso and there is never any representation of any women w short torsos, let alone extremely short ones like me, in any magazines, films, tv, fitness calendars, etc etc etc.

•All my female friends are 5'8 and above and they all look so much skinnier than I am even tho I'm a size 2 and the smallest of them is a size 10.

•I am crazy discouraged and feeling super ugly and like a stupid cartoon character.

•I'm really curvy too which doesn't help. 36-22-36. I look like a blob of breasts and ass on a shish about to be roasted.

•I look fat when I'm at a bmi of 18 because I'm all breasts and ass in a very short range from each other, so I wind up having to under eat even further just to try and create some contrast so I don't look like a big sex blob.

•Current Diet:


4oz orange juice w cod liver oil, collagen bone broth protein powder mixed together and watered down to take my supplements and minerals. With ONE 4.5" cricket protein pancake and 2teaspoons of date syrup

Supper) 1 slice of nut bread with tahini, Vegemite, 1 slice of tomato, 3 slice of cucumber, &1 slice of eggplant.

Snack) 2teaspoons of sunflower butter and 4oz of protein+Omega-3 unsweetened flax milk

Dinner) 2T sweet rice, 1T red rice, 1oz of natto, and umeshiso or akamiso and greens.

Tea) 6oz of tea with 1 or 2 butter cookies (1.8")

•Does it sound like I'm eating too much and should cut it more? Is it even possible to ever look skinny with a short torso? I can't tell if I'm shadowboxing, fighting something that's unchangeable.
Can you ever look skinny with an extremely short torso?
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