Should governments play doctor?

now with corona, apparently politicians and national as well as regional acteurs in the political arena seem to know everything better than actual doctors and experts in the field.

apparently the government knows how we should behave. forces us into shutdown, while doctors say that's the worst we can do cause it prevents the herd immunity that protects the vulnerable group of people.
forces us to wear facemasks, while doctors say that is utterly pointless as they aren't worn in a sterile fashion so therefore litterally do nothing but act as a warm and moist breeding ground for viruses.

so in the wake of all those things, why is smoking still legal? smoking kills. we've known that for so many years. why is that ok? heart disease, diabetes and stroke, often as a result of severe obesity and malnutrition is one of the top 5 death causes, yet it's ok to sell products so full with sugars, carbs and fats, that they can not possibly be seen as healthy.

why is the government so double standardet? why does it only care for corona even though that doesn't even kill more people than a mild flu?
Should governments play doctor?
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