What's wrong with me? Is it depression?

-Mild memory problems, like having difficulty remembering events from a few years ago
-Tiredness most of the day even when I probably sleep enough
-Feeling like I want to cry for no reason (but don't actually cry) or otherwise having bouts of despair at times
-Repeating thoughts in my head ("something'swrongsomething'swrongsomething'swrong")
-Difficulty concentrating on simple conversations, movies, etc. I'm not taking much in.
-Brain fog? Like I feel that my cognition is not very sharp lately, I am not thinking or behaving as brightly as I have in the past, if that makes sense. I keep saying I don't know because it's difficult to think.
-Not speaking much, not contributing to conversations very much and having difficulty feeling comfortable enough to share my mental state or thoughts
-Thinking that things aren't okay or will never be okay again, or that something is wrong or someone I love is dead, sick, or otherwise not oka
If I can think of anything else I'll put it in an update. But do these sound like depression, anxiety or another mental or physical illness?
What's wrong with me? Is it depression?
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