I feel awful about this?

so I'm a nursing aide, and one of my residents was acting up she was yelling and sitting on the edge of the bed. She has no RAILS. she's got a mattress in front of her bed. I was helping her change her gown and she slid out of the bed onto the mattress. I hope I dont get reported since I was in there. I feel awful about it. But we put her in her wheelchair and she's content now. I just hope I dont get fired or reported? I'm kinda worried cause I feel like I was in the room when it happened. I didn't intentionally try to have her fall. It's just the mattress kinda slid out. And she went with it off the bed (if that makes sense). She was acting up and yelling. she's got dementia and I was trying to console her. I love helping them, do you think I should worry about getting fired?
I feel awful about this?
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