How long will it take me to get the butt of my dreams😭?

So I'm working on building my glutes so it can look bigger and rounder and to overall get my body to look more proportionate. During quarantine i was able to lose weight and reach the goal of getting my waist to 26in by the end of summer (it was about 29/30in in the beginning of the year). But because I lost weight my butt also went down from 37in to 35in. Now that gyms have reopened I am going to the gym and using weights to work my glutes. I am also changing my diet from a deficit to a surplus and attempting to eat enough proteins and calories to be able to build that muscle. Assuming that im doing everything correctly as in im using the right form, working on the right muscles, eating enough protein and calories, etc how long will it take for my glutes to get bigger. Im 5'2 and about 120lbs and my ultimate goal is to get 38in hips by next summer, is it possible? Also as a side note for my height and weight how many calories and protein should I be eating to fuel that muscle growth?
How long will it take me to get the butt of my dreams😭?
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