Calories burned per mile - I learned something new?

Wow, so this is not so much a question but I learned something today and was quite shocked! Growing up (and never having a weight problem) I was a big advocate of its not what you eat, its what you do with what you eat. I used to lift a lot of weights in high school but have recently found a lot of enjoyment in running (since my weight access has been limited lately). Since I started running, I've noticed a huge appetite increase. I've also excused my increased food consumption by the mentality I listed earlier.

Well, out of curiosity I looked up how many calories are burned per mile ran (I run a little over a mile now). And apparently it comes out to (.75 * your body weight link For me that's about 125 calories. that's only the calories burned, not really the caloric expenditure increase; this is is because you burn some calories from just breathing and maintaining life processes. So I'm actually increases my caloric expenditure by a little over 100 calories.

Now from personal experience, I don't think I've ever met someone that overweight who can run a mile. Is there something missing? I guess it would also increase your metabolism, so you would burn more calories sitting on the sofa then someone who doesn't exercise. In any case it looks like you can definitely still exercise avidly and eat a lot more calories than you consume...
Calories burned per mile - I learned something new?
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