How frequently do you shower?

See I personally will shower once or twice a week for two main reasons.

1 - its not a pleasant experience for me ever... See when I get out of the shower my skin stings i think from the warmth. People say take a cold shower no problem but I hat cold showers. I like to be warm just not the effects after. So I take warm showers and then feel like I'm getting bitten by ants all over my body afterwards. Not really worth taking a shower every day in my opinion.

2 - it's time consuming...

So my question is, how frequently do you shower?
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Twice everyday
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Every other day
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Twice a week
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Once a week
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Only on my birthday
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12 d
I'm sensing some judgement lol. Just to let y'all know I do wash up everyday I just don't shower. I clean my face my underarms and my privates with soap and water. Every day. I for one don't like to be dirty, and to be honest even with washing up sometimes I do feel dirty, and when that's the case that's when I'm like yeah I need a shower. So I have to bite the bullet and endure the stinging afterwards.
How frequently do you shower?
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