Where else can I get help?

Throughout this year, last year and the end of 2018, I haven’t been feeling the best about myself (after getting my heartbroken mid 2018). I’ve always had low self esteem, but this pushed it down even lower. Some days are okay, other days I find it hard to do anything. I haven’t felt happy in such a long time. Last time I was genuinely happy for a long period was last year in November. Haven’t felt that way since. I know depression is more than just feeling ‘sad’ sometimes... but this feeling isn’t just being sad. It’s not being upset. It’s feeling like I’m not good enough. Like no one will ever love me and care for me the way I care for them. Like I don’t deserve to be happy.

I tried to speak to a GP about it last year, he was of no help. That put me off looking for help. Then a few days ago I finally worked up the courage to speak to another GP and because I have iron deficiency, she essentially said nothing is wrong with me, it’s just cause my iron’s low... but I highly doubt that’s it. Is there anyone else I can go to for a diagnosis? I want to get better before it gets worse.
Where else can I get help?
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