Why the KETO diet is the "IN" diet these days?

Why the KETO diet is the IN diet these days?
I mean like everyone I know wants to follow it or is following it. I do know it works when you loose weight and fat but I also heard bad reviews on it. I mean you loose weight fat (or maybe muscle is the thing you loose and nto really fat?) so fast. cause you begin the cetosis process. But is it really healthy to remove carbs from any part in your diet? Or the keto followers do consume carbs but like only 5%. Is it really that bad to eat carbs? I mean I know fitness instructors, nutritionists that they consume carbs and little sugar themselves and in any way they are saying carbs are bad for you, like the ones who follow the KETO Diet and some of them disagree with the Keto diet cause they say carbs are an essential element in your metabolism, something that KETO disregard. I even had hear some Keto followers saying : "Carbs are pure sh... t, you dont need them".

I mean is it really healthy to consume lots of fat as well?

I just ask myself whatever happen to eat balanced from all food groups and forget about diet plans out there and not just stick to one diet plan in particular
Why the KETO diet is the "IN" diet these days?
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