Do you really have to deprive yourself of food just because you are following a diet plan?

I dont understand some people who follow diet plans even the In diet KETO.
Some diet plans tell you to cut carbs, processed sugars, even veggies and fruits for the sugar.
But everyone I mean everyone who follow a diet plan they can't lie about not wanting to really want to cheat a little and consume like a cake, ice cream, desserts. They all do in some way. I had heard that to cut 100% some sugars or carbs to a person who is really dieting, could make that person consume more in the long run.

This is the case of my sister. She had always had a complex of looking fat since many years ago , she is now 51. In the past she followed like 2 diet plans but then stopped the plan and went back to gain weight. But she always had to ask everyone "Do I look fat? and if a person tell her yes, she already felt bad. She asked that in order people to tell her no so she felt better. My sister always had been a sweet tooth person. I m also a sweet tooth person but I dont follow any diet plans and never had paid for one ever in my life and I dont consider myself a super thin lady but noit super fat

The thing is that twice she had been in a Keto diet, this year the second time. Since in the KETO you can't really eat carbs or sugars of any kind I mean of any kind. My sister still resents not eating sugar. So when she stops by the house to visit us, she always bring us sweet stuff cookies bread and since she can't eat those stuff she gave it to us. Hello So she is the one loosing weight but instead she hands to us the bad stuff she can't eat. The thing is that when she bring us the sweet stuff I always hear her saying: MM those cookies are so delicious, this cake I bring you also"
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I mean she acts like she really wants to eat a piece but since she is on KETO she can't even eat and ounce of anything. I tell her go ahead, eat just a bit you are not going to eat one pound for grabbing a tiny amount of sweet !!! and she replies no I can't i only eat stuff made from almond flour. My mom even offers her to eat something and she always turn my mom down and tell h er no. So I said myself why deprive yourself of good stuff just beause you are following a diet plan and wants to
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stick with it even if deep down you are dying to grab just a little bit just a tiny thing of that thing you had always loved but now you can't even do it. Im nto saying induging in a lot of sugar or carbs, but like to just a a piece to take away that thrist from your brain.
Do you really have to deprive yourself of food just because you are following a diet plan?
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