How to lose weight?

Chest: 42
Upper arms: L (14.25) R (14)
Upper Waist: 38.75
Lower waist:43.25
Thighs:L (29.5) R (29)
Calfs:L (16.5) R (16.5)
My main issue is that i only have motivation to do laundry like every 2 months so obviously i don't have enough clothes to be working out consistently. It's also hard to shower. I need to get my focus back so i think this will help. I pace around for anout 4.5 hours each day. I'm kinda curvy so i more so want to lose stomach fat ik u can't exactly control where but still. Also im scared of weightloss lowkey i think because i eat a lot but most of it is forced and not very healthy. So I don't know what exact advice i need or what more information i need to give but anything would be helpful thank you:)
28 d
Kinda early to do a update but i posted the sa. s thing on reddit and described the situation more of how i also barely have the motivation to shower, do homework, cook, eat, clean and they said i might have deeper issues so I don't know what to do anymore if I'm being honest
How to lose weight?
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