Why I feel depressed & empty at 23?

I am 23 now but why I feel empty depressed? I have my own studio , my own small business, but I feel sad. I wish I lived with my boyfriend & we can date weekly him come home to me at night. He’s truck driver so I rarely get to see him. I don’t have a photo of us together yet I can cherish frame in my home. I go out to shop 4 home decor & things I need alone, no longer with parents. I no longer like to do errands with parents I prefer do it on my own my way. I visit mom few days a week but I feel weird bored in life. My siblings are gone began to live with thier partner at this age 22-23. I don’t I deserve things happen so slow if this isn’t life I want be alone in my studio working forever? The friends I have live far and only showing off their million of pics with their boyfriend.
Why I feel depressed & empty at 23?
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