Is it appropriate a young boy start taking exercise supplements?

Not droids but supplements to help their physique? Or that is being too young to start becoming addicted to eating healthy work out constantly cause he stiil is in the normal stage of developing?

I have a cousin who is 46 years old he has a 18yrd old son. The son even when he were younger he had a ferocious apettite but he was never fat. Now he turn 18 this year and he is starting to work out and wants to become ripped wants a 6 pack abs. But his dad had always been a bit obnoxioys with sugar carbs proteins what you eat. Processed foods. Even if my cousin eats desserts meats bread pasta rice. But he does not consume fruits cause they have sugar. He believes more in eating meats protein a lot some bakery stuff. He does not consume dairy either. That is the way he wants his kid to eat. He is jyst 18.

So now he is encouraging his kids to eat supplements cause he is starting to work out more often.
I just wonder it is fine a boy exercise im not saying they won't have to do it. But at such ypung age a parent encourage to have a chissled body and they are still young boys. I mean let them enjoy their age stage that they are. Do not deprive them of eati g some foods because the parent believe this food is bad and he is still young. But protein supplements the parent tell his kid to consume it? Even if they are not stereoids?
Is it appropriate a young boy start taking exercise supplements?
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