Should I feel guilty after putting my dog down?

He was a small dog. I’m not sure why I did not hold him before the Vet put the chemicals in him to stop his heart. She gave me the option to put him in my arms or have him on the table nearby I just said the blanket (which was on the table). My mom was with me on the other chair. We were in tears and I was already falling apart. I just was no clear about some things but I regret not having him in my arms as she injected him. I really wish he had died in my arms not the Vet’s. Was he scared? Could he have been scared, he saw us in front of him but we watched as he died? I don’t know I just need some answers as I feel so guilty about his final moments. It could have gone differently... but I was lunging forward I could not breathe when I saw him die and his neck just tilted to the right. I lost it when I heard him howl and then his head and neck went downward I was in so much pain. Should I have held him in my arms? I just don’t know I’m so sad, scared, guilty
Should I feel guilty after putting my dog down?
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