What are you suppose to do during a winter lockdown?

guess i'm not the only one dealing with this issue obviously , as covid 19 has lead to lockdowns and restrictions around the world. its winter here and for the next month ( at least if not longer ) pretty much every indoor activity is closed other than essential shopping like groceries and prescriptions / take out food.

all gyms , indoor recreation centres are closed , only limited outdoor activities are allowed like snowshoeing , outdoor skating and cross country skiing. our area used to have a large outdoor rink on a pond but they haven't even done it for years. i tried skiing years ago but wasn't really any good and don't think i even have equipment anymore.

but Jan is cold here so not really sure spending a lot of time outdoors is a realistic option for some , i liked to go to the gym during the winter as something to do. never really accompolished much but got out of the house. now i can't even do that and not even sure when the gyms here might reopen?
What are you suppose to do during a winter lockdown?
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