Reaching a workout goal, now what?

I was super motivated to work out and make gains, so i was at it consistently and passionately every day. i looked forward to it.

I reached my goal. And now I struggle to care to continue at all. I tried setting a new goal or just changing it for maintenance. but the motivation and joy are gone now.

what do i do? i know i should power through and keep going but i spend the whole time hating it whispering negative things to myself and what used to take me an hour now takes 2 because i take more breaks and dont care.

or is it fine to stop now that i’m at my goal and if things change down the line i can pick it up again and get back to it. that’s what i used to do in high school.

reach a goal stop working out get love handles start working out until theyre gone then start again if they came back...
Reaching a workout goal, now what?
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