Why do people lie especially about health issues?

I’ve known this person for close to 10 years no we aren’t in a relationship anyway a month ago they tell me they needed to have a blood test done and that was why they were running late I knew they lied because they had no markings anywhere on their body showing signs blood had recently been drawn from his vein fast forward to today I mention that I am due to have a blood test and they tell me straight out how they haven’t had a blood test in over 2 years and they too are due to have one done

they also tell me how their supervisor at work is really depressed because his wife was wanting a divorce not even 24 hours later they are telling me how they just got off the phone to their supervisor not long ago and their supervisor was really happy and planned on travelling he even tried telling me that if anything happened to the supervisor the supervisors money would automatically go to the government I’m like no it doesn’t his money will go to his kids as they will become his next of kin once the divorce is finalised

he even lied about his friend being in hospital his friend was never in hospital and he never had to care for anyone like he had claimed he did he has even started to lie about his own health issues I’ve known him for close to 10 years yet he recently tells me how 4 years ago he discovered he had problems with his gut and about how he experienced really bad bloating and he was told by the doctors that he needed to go on a high fibre diet not only did he never mention anything at the time about any gut problems to anyone knowing him the way I do and hanging out with him as much as I have he has never eaten a high fibre diet he would always eat a lot of junk food even today he still eats junk food
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We aren’t together in a relationship he knows if he doesn’t want me in his life he is more than welcome to cut all ties so I don’t understand why the lies especially when I am constantly calling him out for lying
Why do people lie especially about health issues?
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