How do you deal with depression?

I have not always been a depressed person but I want to say around my sophmore year in high school (2013-2014) I started dealing with mild depression that has gotten progressivly worse over the years.
Bipolar disorder runs in my family and I see it a lot in my mom. She gets irritable easily, creates scenarios in her head based off of situations that could be likely or unlikely.
She is a half happy half unhappy person depending on the time of day and that is how I would describe myself as well.
I have a 1 year old daughter and dealt with postpartum depression with her that I'm not even sure has went away because I have regular depression as well.
I lost one of my best friends of 10 years because she was flirting with my husband in front of my multiple times and i finally had the courage to call her out and she blocked me and decided not to be friends.
I have dealt with depression for years but it has gotten worse lately. I usually feel numb or like I don't have any interest in anything. Smiling has even started to feel abnormal to me and I feel like I haven't felt genuine happiness since like 2018.
Most of the time I'm bored because I have no hobbies and anytime I start things I don't usually finish them because I feel like its pointless, there is no point to it, and I won't get anywhere. I even decline doing things with my partner because of my depression etc, like starting new shows or playing games. So I guess you can say my motivation and self esteem is completely in the gutter.
I just want to feel as excited about the world as I was when I was younger but all I've been getting is a depression that makes everything seem pointless. What can I do?
How do you deal with depression?
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