How do I cure chronic acid reflux?

For years I have had acid reflux. Then began get anxiety causing me to lose weight and unable eat choke on solid foods. In beginning of year I dropped more weight been very underweight. Since July-august I began get this weird issue where saliva drool comes out of my mouth & I need spit it out but gets worse at night. Some doctors said it’s due to me being underweight & as I need eat more my stomach is empty malnourished. Most doctors don’t know what Salvia is. So I have appointment Next week with a head & neck specialist. the saliva drool got worse that now it got thicker & at night I’m not able swallow it. Then I take tiny sips of water or iced tea & I feel it not pass down my throat as the Salvia feels like a pool in throat blocking then I turn red suffocate. I sleep with 5 pillows almost sitting & on my side as I spend an entire room of napkins daily to drool. Since this week I’m eating more high calorie solid foods but still very underweight. Also I been drinking coke daily about 3 with meals & I now reduced to one as that is causing me more Salvia. Also I had change diet as it got chronic & I ate chili fries & this spicy Mexican food two days & it made me get chest pain & nonstop hiccups for entire day not stopping nausea & water Salvia drooling pouring out of my mouth & nose dripping like a tsunami.
How do I cure chronic acid reflux?
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