How do I get help with my mental health?

First off, I won't self diagnose myself with anything specific, but I do know I'm not very good mentally (and emotionally). Now, I'll say why I haven't gotten any help yet:

----- I don't feel comfortable talking to my parents. My mom tries her best to make me confident by complimenting me and such, but whenever I try to talk to her about "hard" topics I'm uncomfortable. With my dad it's just the fact he isn't very social.

----- I've had it set for awhile that I wouldn't get therapy. The idea of talking to a random adult about personal things makes me feel weird. I know they're professionals, but I'm so used to not being understood or ignored when I talk about my problems to people that I think everyone will react the same way.

----- I don't know how to care for myself. I'm 14-years old and can't eat or sleep properly for a plethora of reasons. It's just a constant fight in my head and simple things are hard to do. The best I can do is attempt to socialize online and get straight A's/excel at school.
How do I get help with my mental health?
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