Do you love to poop?

This is not a troll question first of all, but as you might know by now, I have a very bad tummy ache from eating ice cream last Sunday and no it's not gone away yet. This may be as a result of a condition I have called IBS, very uncomfortable and hard to treat. I usually get rid of it by drinking a all natural herbal colon cleanse which is not easy to find on the Island since the store has shut down and move away. And by get rid of it I mean the cleanse, takes away the problem after I'd pooped for many day, my stomach miraculously heals which is unheard of for this condition, so many doctors cannot help patience who complain about this, but I found a nasty tasting drink that makes me sh. t my problem away until the store owner decided to ruin my life and close down.

But anyway, I actually love to poop and have an obsession with laxatives and enema, this I had done so much to control the first time I made myself poop so much I couldn't stand up and I lost weight. Anyway likes the way pooping makes you feel, I also like to stare at it before I flush because I am proud of myself. My mother told me that I had a pooping issue when I was younger, this I remember because it followed me into my teen years until I became regular so pooping is a big deal for me. How about you?
Do you love to poop?
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