Are covid statistics in the USA (and the world) inflated?

Fact 1: 80,000 people died in flu in the USA in the 2018 flu season.

Fact 2: US hospitals are required to show "covid" on death certificates if a patient had a positive covid test within 2 weeks prior to death, REGARDLESS of the ACTUAL cause of death.

Fact 3: In the US (and many other countries of the world) we now have an incentivised reporting system. Hospitals get $4600 per reported pneumonia, $13,000 per covid case, and if they put a covid-patient on ventilator they get $39,000. More covid, more cash.

Fact 4: If a patient had a test before death but s/he dies before the results come back, the doctors will wait for the results before they do a post-mortem. If the result comes back as positive, they put "covid" on the death certificate without investigating the real cause.

Fact 5: The test used for testing covid (Polymerase Chain Reaction) was developed by Kary Mullis. He has since confirmed that the PCR test was NEVER meant for TESTING any flu, as it's NOT SUITABLE for testing for a virus.

Fact 6: In the PCR test, if you repeat the cycles enough times, it will show a positive result for anyone and everyone, regardless of whether there Is any virus present or not.

Fact 7: No virus identifiable as "covid-19" has ever been isolated or shown to exist as of January 2021. Not only that, there is no CONCLUSIVE evidence that ANY virus causes ANY illness.

Fact 8: Whenever they increase the number of tests done, there is a "mystery spike" in the number of reported infections. Why? Double the number of tests and you are doubling the number of false positives.

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Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Bush administration, Catherine Austin Fitts:
Covid-stats are grossly inflated on purpose so the powers that be can push through their agenda
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Are covid statistics in the USA (and the world) inflated?
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