How good are you with pain and what kinds?

I myself am very good with injuries that are physical like a fracture, cuts, burns, broken bones, all of which I have experienced in the past and I take the situation much calmer than they expect, I remember doctors actually getting unsettled how I am calm with it even when I am in a hospital with serious injuries.

And yet... A paper cut will make me feel unfathomable pain that I cannot even begin to describe

Honestly my pain mentally is not as extreme on the sad part, I switch sadness for anger or humour depending on the event, like with in a hospital when I am injured I will laugh with the nurses and doctors and patients and people about everything, talk about how silly I was and then just make a lot of jokes regarding my injury to the nurses to lighten the mood like with my leg injuries where I couldn't walk on both legs when I was younger from a sport injury in class, I legit smiled and the nurse laughed and asked why I was smiling and I said It's just I can't STAND these hospital bed sheets, she was laughing so hard and couldn't believe a person so young was making jokes about the situation :D

I also had so many times in hospitals, had X-rays a few times and had laughs before they started, they asked if I was okay while I was in the room and I just said I wonder if this is how X-men are born and chuckled, I also said in a MRI scan, I asked them How much do one of these cost because they are very comfortable and the whole team laughed and said they are very expensive and we all laughed and got on with it :D
How good are you with pain and what kinds?
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