Any dieting advice?

So I'm gunna take the plunge, stick to a ten hour window of eating and go back to calorie counting. I've got a couple of new recipe books and so been thinking about it and decided to go for it.

I did it about three years back and lost about 2 and half stone except it wasn't healthy at all I did most of it by being over active and not eating much and when I did eat it was pretty unhealthy plus was both smoking and drinking lots as well. But I manged to lose that amount in about three months. Since then I've put that weight back on and a extra 2 and literally none of my clothes fit so it's time to sort out my life a bit lol

The diet I'm trying is Mediterranean based and has a lot of things I've never eaten before but some of them seem nice, I'm just not good at eating veg that's not in some sort of sauce or with other things think cottage pie compared to salad kinda thing and I don't like raw vegetables. Although have managed to eat Lettice and the occasional slice of tomatoes without pulling a face - I sound like a kid lol

So any tips or recipe ideas to share would be welcome 😊
Any dieting advice?
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