Why all the hate for mothers in their 30s?

So I did some research because I may have my second child in my 30s. Some people are saying that a 38 year old is much more likely to have a baby with disabilities. I’ve heard as high as 76% more likely. I found, according to a study performed by Dr. Amos Grunebaum it’s 1 out of 175 children. That would mean there is less than a 1% higher chance of a child being born with disabilities. More specifically, 99.4% of babies born of women at 38 years are healthy. That’s only if you carry the gene for the disability too. I’ve read many other studies with the similar results.
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Hey more background. I’m engaged. My fiancé and I are planing on our first when I’m 25ish. The next won’t be until my 30s sorry.
Why all the hate for mothers in their 30s?
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