Is it okay to only train legs when I work out?

I’m a female who is naturally skinny and looking to tone and just overall enjoys the benefits of working out (improved mood and posture, toned legs and body, etc...) In my house of 5 people, I do the dishes daily and that leads to my arms and upper body feeling tired almost every day. I spend around an hour at least scrubbing, and it does feel like that works out the arms for me. That being said, I’ve recently been working out my legs a lot, doing exercises that could also work out my back and core such as bridges, deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, and more movements. I work out around 3-4 times a week, but I almost exclusively work out my legs (with weighted exercises similar to the ones above) or abs (doing pilates or bodyweight exercises), never dedicating a workout to arms or chest or back. Is that reasonable to do?
Is it okay to only train legs when I work out?
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