Is this normal or should I be worried?

the past few weeks i kept in touch with an ex whom i still have feelings for (crazy about him but im dumb so ended it with him). earlier today i was upset with him and basically overall i realized it will be better for the both of us to stop talking for good. we had a long talk about it he was open about telling me he still hopes we can work everything out and i was basically crying before, during, and after we talked. i know this time its gonna happen for us, not talking anymore, despite how many on and off contact we've had.

this was just yesterday morning. since then i just kept crying and then stopped and so on. while overeating in between them. it sounds bad but its normal for me. what's not usual is I've had difficulty breathing at times. its becoming frequent and i end up fucking crying again. i thought it was just a feeling of hurt so i'd take a deep breath but its actually shortness of breath or something i am not even sure what it is. all i know is i dont feel fine physically anymore. i just wanna know if this is okay and a normal reaction. should i have this checked out or would that be stupid and overreacting. just a ps, I've had asthma as a kid but i grew out of it and haven't had one for 6-7 years. i can't even recognize if it came back since i forgot how it felt lol.

I don't know if im saying this a lot worse than what it really is. i dont feel like im about to pass out. i haven't told anyone but I've been reading about it but i just want an actual advice from someone hopefully.
you're okay, its a normal reaction
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Is this normal or should I be worried?
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