Please help Mental health issue feels like hell?

LONG READ So difficult to explain first of all I have mental illness anxiety and ocd so Sunday morning I woke up to my next door neighbours engine running for 15 minutes straight and I got a really hot scared feeling I just want to run away from it then it stopped so it was fine for the remainder of the day and night but when I went to bed I kept focusing on small soft noises outside my window and especially engine noises and I started freak at every small noise basically i get scared I'm hearing things too nothing seems to help I have the heater on and I feel I can hear a faint noise outside I turn the heater off and theirs no noise I'm hypersensitive to noise at the moment and today I feel like I've got fluid in my right ear even when I try to distract my self i still focus on noises sounds that I normally wouldn't notice I can't stop noticing now what can I do does my fluid feeling in the ear have anything to do with it I've heard of a thing called misophonia I don't know if that's how you spell it has anyone had this it feels like hell at the moment thanks for reading
Please help Mental health issue feels like hell?
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