Anyone tried the keto diet?

So first up, I have a lot of weight to lose.
I need to lose about 40kg (88lb) to get well down into a healthy weight.
I used to be really fit and played a lot of rugby. So even though I'm massively overweight I can still train ok, long walks, a little jogging.
To try and get steady weight loss I've started on the keto diet. After about 2 weeks I've lost about 6kg (13lb). Nearly all of that will be water loss as I was peeing like crazy after a few days.

Im looking foward to the next few months and seeing how I go.
I was just wondering if anyone here has tried the keto diet for a good amount of time and what were the results like?

Because I need to lose so much weight my plan is to use keto, if it works ill stay on it until I get towards a healthy weight then ill visit a dietician to help my swap to a more balanced diet.
Anyone tried the keto diet?
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