Why do you think China did well compared to the rest of the world in curtailing the spread of coronavirus?

I'd go with option D

OK in this video a CGTN propagandist is going off about how "China responded so much better to the coronavirus outbreak than the US (and many other countries)". Well that's not because they had a better law code or health infrastructure. It's because they had a practice run back in 2003 with the SARS outbreak.But what makes this video truly disgusting is that while the CCP learned how to better CONTAIN outbreaks from the 2003 outbreak, it completely ignored the lessons learned about how these outbreaks ORIGINATE. You let people cram animals from all corners of the world that would never have interacted in any natural setting in such close quarters that they're getting blood, shit, piss, blood, saliva, mucous etc... all over each other, you're going to get new recombinant viruses. While the odds of any one recombinant variant causing a pandemic are small, if there are enough recombination, the odds of a deadly pathogen coming about become very high. So it's basically them saying "hey look at how much better we're doing than the US at handling the pandemic" when they were only able to do as well as they did because they had a practice run when they made the mistake that unleashed this pathogen upon the world the first time.

I remember after the 2007-2008 collapse, people were talking about how the CCP was rising and how they would not act irresponsibly and jeopardize the worlds' economy like the US did with the housing bubble bursting. Wow, that shit aged like fine wine and I have to wonder is mistrust toward China during the pandemic will impede their rise to the status as the next superpower. Maybe instead the world will become a multipolar one with the pandemic ending the age of superpowers.

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Why do you think China did well compared to the rest of the world in curtailing the spread of coronavirus?
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