Would you enjoy boxing?

When I first started boxing... It was an amazing experience. I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned fast.
I love feeling the sweat pour down my face, and how it flies off my brow from the force of trying to smash someone's skull open (makes you hit harder). It's also a good way to get a workout in, because the fatigue is offset by the motivation to keep on fighting.
It also just feels good... to be able to hurt someone, without going to jail. It's like being able to finally express yourself.
1000x better than therapy.
I thought about transitioning my gender to pursue a career in pro fighting. But realistically I have about 3x the level of "normal" testosterone for an American male. So that's not even necessary when even dudes are like women athletes compared to me.
I would love it
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I'm not aggressive enough
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Would you enjoy boxing?
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