Was I in the wrong or is this girl just nuts?

K I tried online dating, and I met this girl on there. She lives about an hour away from where I go to college. She is 21 and has an associates degree. I'm 24 working on my masters.

I talked to her at first because she seemed interesting and her pics she posted were good enough to me. We liked chatting and then we exchanged numbers to text. The first week of texting this girl starts sexting me and telling me she wants me to touch her boobs and stuff.

Im like wow, and I got caught up in it, because its nice if a girl texts you like that. However, as the weeks went by and she would send me more and more texts all day, I could tell this isn't going to work in the long run. I can't as a grad student have a clingy girl who lives an hour away from me as a girlfriend. Therefore, yesterday I told her that I didn't want to meet up after all even though I told her probably a week ago. I said that I was sorry for getting caught up in the texting and for possibly leading her on, but this is the best decision for me to make.

She then got agitated, she said what, you don't even want to try and see if it will work? Oh the other part I forgot is, she sent me a picture of her real self and she's a little overweight and I personally don't find her attractive. Anyway, I try to explain that I was sorry and I know that you liked me, but I think if we meet and then I tell you no, it would be even worse.

She then tells me I should feel like a d***, that I broke her heart, and that she never wants to speak to me ever again you jerk. I also felt trapped by this girl, because as I can see before even meeting or hearing my voice she had decided we were either boyfriend/girlfriend or she would get pissed if I said no, there wasn't going to be a friends option. Was I wrong? I feel bad that I made her cry and stuff, I just wasn't into her after I saw her pic and after I got to know her more.
Was I in the wrong or is this girl just nuts?
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