Would you ever date someone who had plastic surgery? Please help!

When I hit puberty, my nose got slightly crooked and developed a tiny bump. I later ended up falling on my face doing a gymnastics trick and I heard my nose crack. I feel like there is a small calcium build up or something there, making the existing bump more noticeable.

It always kinda bothered me, so I thought about getting it removed, just to have it look the way it did when I was younger. I don't plan on changing the shape or size, just flattening out the tiny bump.

My ex boyfriend said he would break up with me if I ever did anything to my face. He said the surgery was stupid and meant that I was a shallow idiot for wanting it done. I was shocked by his reaction, because I never saw the surgery as a big deal. I mean, I'd still look basically exactly the same, and never hide any "before" pictures so people could see how minimal the surgery was.

He was emotionally abusive to me in many ways, and limited what I was able to do. I felt like he was always telling me how to live my life and judging me. I finally dumped him, and decided I am going to do whatever I want with my life and my body. Getting the bump removed would almost be a way of finding the freedom that he took away from me for so long. I don't believe that my body is a reflection of who I am as a person, it is just a body for god's sake. If I want it to look a little nicer, what is the big deal?

Even though this is something I feel would make me happier, his words are left haunting me. He said no one would ever want me if they found out I had my bump removed. Will doing this for myself actually cause hardships in the future when it comes to dating?
Would you ever date someone who had plastic surgery? Please help!
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