What do you think of this (probably controversial) fantasy?

I’ve wondered what it would be like to marry a rich woman and have babies with her. It wouldn’t be just for her money (I’d have to like her too) but that would be the major factor and we would be honest about it to each other from the start. I see a lot of women around 30 and older, many of them very eligible, whose reproductive clocks are ticking (a rude comment perhaps, but true), who want to get married and have kids (and are often open about this desire) but men just aren’t interested. I think this is because far fewer men are interested in marriage/kids these days, while women’s interest is probably only slightly lower than it ever has been.

Anyway I’m young, ‘handsome’ and ‘hot’ and ‘cute’ (according to random girls, not just girlfriends/friends/relatives lol), with Mensa-level intelligence, good health/fitness and a good job. I think I’d be a pretty good catch. As long as the woman was fairly intelligent/pretty/good-natured, and willing to have frequent sex, I could probably be quite happily married to her for life lol. Maybe I could even fall in love with her eventually, as I’m quite open-hearted/open-minded. I certainly wouldn’t cheat on her, abuse her or abandon her, as I really oppose all those things.

Girls and guys, what are your views on this fantasy? Moral? Immoral? Realistic? Unrealistic? Etc.

Note: about a year ago I actually had a relationship for about 6 months with a 37 year old woman (not for money lol). It was actually the best conversation in a relationship, and the best sex, I’ve ever had. We broke up (on good terms) because we wanted different things. I think her maturity attracted me. Many people say I act like a guy in his late twenties in terms of maturity.
What do you think of this (probably controversial) fantasy?
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