Ugh help me?! Should I do this or not?

Sooo I'm wondering what I should do in this situation.. I am thinking that I will be moving out of the town I'm in now to go to the city in the summer, and there is a guy I liked here. It was so long ago really, which makes this kind of pathetic. I'm 20 now, he's probably about 33. The problem is I see him drive by everyday and he always drives in my direction and looks. A couple of times we have made eye contact but it's hard to tell lately because he wears sunglasses. I don't even think I like him now I think I'm just so in love with how we were back then, it was almost like a story or something- really instant connection that I've never had with anyone else. I liked spending time with him and I couldn't wait to see him again. I have tried to make contact with him after that but it was never in person.

I wonder if it would be any different now that I'm a bit older and in front of him? My friend is going in to where he works to find out about something else. Should I go with him and try to talk to him or just go to the city without doing anything?
Ugh help me?! Should I do this or not?
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