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Do I look funny on this exercise bike? I'm starting an exercise challenge but do I look funny?
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How To Deal With ADHD As An Adult

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 21. You may have heard something about Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. There are many stories and myths about this problem that previously targeted only children ~...
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What's your version of 'chasing the dragon'?

Ok, so the origins are a bit dark, but never mind that. It's a cool turn of phrase that I want to keep alive. 'Chasing the dragon': plowing through any task past the point of diminishing returns, with disregard to one's...
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Do you believe in science or believe more in what other people say even if those people do not have the experience or knowledge to back it up?

A lot has been said about the Hydroxychloroquine for the COVID-19. Some doctors believe it can treat the virus others doctors do not suppor it as there not real 100% fool proof it can cure it, as many studies had been...
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The Many Masks of Emotional Pain... what they are and why we wear them

What is the cause of our most serious emotional pain? The following are only a few of the many ways we can be afflicted with emotional and/or psychological pain in our lives... 1) It can stem from a childhood, or early...
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Did you know this? What comes to your mind when you think of Africa?
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Guys, would you try artificial labor pain to support your pregnant wife/partner?

I think, I would make him simulate labour pain haha. If i have to suffer, he has to suffer too and i would not let him watch me in pain.
I think, I would make him simulate labour pain haha. If i have to suffer, he has to suffer too and i would not let him watch me in pain. Show More
Yes, I would
No, I would not
I would make my husband/bf suffer from labour pain 🤓😈☻
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The best at home, cheap workout equipment for when your country is under quarantine too

Since we're no longer allowed to leave our homes unless we have very important reasons (buying food, working in health care/food supply etc., helping others, going to doctor (after calling their office first)), I thought...
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Young Adults Please Be Careful With Protecting Yourself From The Virus. It Seems Who It Hits Has Changed.

New information out of Italy is that young people are getting hit hard by the virus. I feel like so many young adults feel like this virus is less likely to affect them. This is partially because in the earlier outbreaks...
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Fun Hand Washing Videos, Etc...

This is for the kpop fans out there. How to wash your hands to TVXQ's Mirotic Fun fact this video was banned on Korean tv for being too suggestive....
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Self Love Is Sometimes Hard To Practice. It Comes Down to Not Giving a F____ While Walking With Care In the World. I haven't had exactly the same struggles as Demi Lovato but it has been a long road to accepting myself and realizing most likely I will always be a square peg in a round hole...
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Wanna rate each other's 'crazy'?

New game: We reveal some idiosyncracy about ourselves, and then others can rate how 'crazy' we are. 1-10, let's say? I LOVE to fuzz shave my clothes, make sure they don't have pills on them. I hate pills. I will also...
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Do you believe happiness is a state of mind? I'm not talking about seriously clinically depressed people. More the people that seem to want to just see all the bad and forget even when life is bad, choosing to still find...
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A story of greatness

This take is about Hermann Maier, who some of you may remember from when he appeared on Jay Leno's show ages ago. Who is he and what makes him special? Hermann was born in the Altenmarkt im Pongau, which is in the...
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Tips for better skin?

So I've been dealing with cystic acne/acne conglobata for more than seven years now and I'm curious to read what you do for your skin. I personally clean my face every day with a face wash and toner but stay away from...
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We’ll be okay...

I‘m 18, lack life experience and can only speak about what I’m feeling at this moment and for the past few years. I don’t have a diagnosis for depression and don’t want anyone to feel offended by this post. I've had a...
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Do you believe in homeophaty?

To me it is means nothing but hocus-pocus. I dont understand how water can cure serious diseases.
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Are Chinese older adults in better shape than you? I know they are in better shape than me but I'm...
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How much muscle can a woman really gain in her first year of weight training?

I only gained about 7-9 lbs. Now I am 5'6'' and 123. I think a good amount of it is fat. I trained hard, I ate enought protein, I ate enough calories, I was almost always sore. According to this guy it would be normal...
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Is fat actually healthy?

I have recently gotten into a heated debate with my best friend about weight and its relationship to health and longevity. It all started with us discussing Lizzo (the very curvy American artist): Ok, so first of all, I...
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