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How would you feel if your calf is cramping this badly?
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Have you ever benched 225 pounds? I need to start lifting SOON.
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Have you ever had a close encounter with a gorgeous doctor?

This random video in my youtube suggestions brought back a really nice memory of a doctor at one of the most weirdest hospital appointments one time in a City far away from home for a Scuba Diving assessment.. My close...
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Would you be willing to have blood testing done to you. every time you wanted to travel internationally. for covid-19 and other illness testing?

there is an idea kicking around that might make this the new normal.
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Is Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc & Zitro Max the cure for COVID-19? GOD BLESS THIS WOMAN! "NOBODY NEEDS TO DIE"
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SARS 2 Coronavirus. Why do young people not care about anyone or anything?

An open rebuke of idiots my age and younger who think they are immune to death and disease. Also the virus may have long-term side effects that can literally be worse than death...
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I have 2 wisdom teeth on left side of my jaw but I am too scared to get them removed. What should I do?

I saw some videos on youtube of the procedure and now I don't want to get them removed but it hurts like hell. What is your experience? does it only look bad? Is it painless? Here is one video I saw on youtube...
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What should I do to learn swimming. I have tried for 5 years and I still can't swim?

It's not like I am afraid of water or I haven't tried and given my best. I have been trying for 5 years and I still can't swim. I am pretty tall and I have even tried in shallow pools where I could just stand if things...
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Thoughts on some new Male contraception options?

still in medical trail phase. however they are looking for people to sign up and help. possible pay day for couples who help. below is...
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Jack in the Box: Late Night: What would you get out of this selection?

Yep that's right. Jack in the Box is open 24 hrs a day. They have been for years. Far longer than any other fast food place. In fact everything on the menu is available 24/7. No time limit. Now Jack has made a special box...
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Why are people wearing face masks instead of everybody practising conscious control of their immune systems? The studies were published 6 years ago?

Fact: Wim Hof was the FIRST PERSON in human history known to have an immune system that was able to resist Escherichia coli endotoxin without getting sick. (Just so you know, according to the World Health Organisation, it...
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Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

How to fix flared ribs and short shoulder width without painful invasive surgery. (Being realistic here, this will take 1-2 years). The above pic is an example of a flared rib cage. The above pic is an example of a...
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Are you social distancing correctly?

i watched this episode a long time ago and thought it was interesting that 4-6 ft. was funny. Also, why doesn't the media insist that people wear goggles? the eyes are a great entry way for corona...
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Workout plan for today? Also, what type of music do you train to?

I’ll be going on a long run in a short bit followed by some lower body work later in the day. Here’s what it will look like -long run 5+ miles -pistol squats w/40 LB dumbbell: 3 -air squats: 35 -side lunges: 20 -step...
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Corona till 2022

Researchers predict US may have to endure social distancing until 2022
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Chocolate Milk: How do you drink your chocolate?

According to the Children's Hospital Colorado there are 10 benefits of drinking chocolate milk. * Fluid and electrolytes for hydration *Protein source for muscle repair *Carbohydrate source to replenish energy stores...
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If you have anxiety watch this! This guy Day9 is honestly one of my favorite people on the internet. He used to be a pro gamer playing starcraft, then he did a lot of casting and hosting for gaming events and...
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Vegan Myths hmm?
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