Tanning beds, tanning at the beach. Good for you or not?

Most girls like a good healthy tan and can spend a lot of time in tanning booths or just soaking up sun at the beach. The girls look...

What are the Differences Between Munchausen Syndrome and Hypochondriasis?

Today I will explain the differences between Munchausen syndrome and Hypochondriasis. 😌 What is Munchausen syndrome? Munchausen...

Raw Milk: Why it's amazing

No, you did not read that wrong. Raw Milk. Straight from the utter. It's never pasteurized and contains good bacteria for your digestive...

Female Aesthetics, Ribs and Shoulders (fix)

How to fix flared ribs and short shoulder width without painful invasive surgery. (Being realistic here, this will take 1-2 years). The...

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Alright let’s get right to the topic. Other than Crack Cocaine, HGH (Human growth hormone) is probably one of the most widely used drugs...

The truth: Instagram models are using steroids

This is for educational purposes. Stay away from steroids girls if you want to live longer and have healthy babies. I won’t sugar coat...

Is there a medical cure for when your heart hurts from emotional pain?

Do you think in theory paracetamol or ibuprofen should work for this? *Asking for a friend 🙃

Girls, I keep getting product buildup in my hair, please help!! I've been doing everything, nothing is working?

Sometimes after washing my hair, my hair still feels waxy and sticky and then when I blow dry it, it feels greasy. I know this is...

Is it really bad to shower at 1-3 am?

since this pandemic started I've had a really messed up sleeping schedule. I basically sleep at 9 am and wake up around 6-8 pm. I want...

(HPV) throat cancer for 6-8 months, is it too late?

My good friend has had symptoms of throat cancer for 6-8 months. All doctors kept saying he had infections so just kept trying all...

How do u get rid of your anxiety & stress? Do you use medicine or how do you cope?

I am curious how many people suffer with anxiety and your story and what you do to stop or relieve it, maybe even cure it? I got anxiety...

How can I build my legs?

I can't seem to make them grow. Im conflicted about bulking or not. I don't really gain weight. Im 5 foot 6. 130pounds thanks

Right eye Being half blind during migraine. Is it bad?

Hey So earlier today i had my first migraine. I just thought migraine is having a big headache. But my right eye got half blind. Is it...

What is the most deadly for humans of all time?

Think about it. Really think about it

Would you rather?

Would you rather work out early in the AM (Like 6AM) and be back to sleep by 7AM and sleep in til 12 or Wake up at 10AM to get in your...

Girls, Considering I got over a million replies last type, Are you happy with your breast size?

I had considering getting breast implants but my doctor said it would effect breast feeding.

If your spouse said that they had an illness, would you believe them if the doctor says they do not?

I had hives for 5 years and the doctor said I was allergic to nothing, doing a blood test every year. My husband trusted the doctor. He...

What should I do for an aching leg/cramp?

I biked for only like an hour each day Mon-Friday. Then Saturday i sat around. Sunday i was at the casino for 6 hours but i was prob...

I goto gym and have muscular body. Do you still think corona can do at least 1% damage to me?

I goto gym and have muscular body. Do you still think corona can do at least 1% damage to me?