My experience with covid19

Written December 2020: I recently tested positive for covid19 after not feeling good and had nearly all the symptoms of covid. This is...

Calling someone "mentally ill" isn't the insult you think it is

If you use "this is a sign of mental illness' or "you sound mentally ill," this one is for you, and I know there are a few of y'all on...

So, I've come to the conclusion I'm old finally!

So, the latest nail in my coffin was me having to buy readers (magnified glasses to be able to read). First, it started when I was in my...

Covid conspiracy

I've recently come across a lot of different remarks made by people like @hostiletakeover and also others who seem to think that...

How to stop ruminating in your pernicious thoughts

If you want to stop ruminating practice mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness is any technique that requires you to intentionally focus on...

What I do to keep myself happy during CoVid

In November of this year I watched a video of people who owned unusual pets One person had a pet grizzly bear Another had a pet cheetah...

Should I stop talking to people to avoid anxiety?

I always feel like crap after talking to someone, and then my mind replays every word I said and haunts me for it. Or when I'm...

Have you sneezed or vomited while wearing your mask?

Please share your experience, photos not necessary.

How do you stop being sick after drinking Cola Zero before bed?

I feel sick after drinking Cola Zero before bed. Is there anything to make that feeling like you’re going to throw up go away? I don’t...

Would my eyes look different when I do this?

You know how your vision gets blurry when you cross your eyes? I can make my vision blurry without crossing them and still keep them...

ER acted like I wasn’t supposed to be there?

I been having an irregular period and some of the er people acted like I was weird. I told the nurse and she said it’s just a period.

Girls, moms specifically, did your menstrual cramps foreshadow your labor pain level?

This is something I've always been curious about but can't seem to find the answer to online. Some women have super easy periods with no...

Is mental illness stigmatized in your country?

Here in the US most of the attitudes and policies towards mental illness are from these two groups of j*rk-offs. Those ignoramuses who...

Do you like hot places or cold places?

I personally prefer cold places as I feel more comfortable and that I can sleep better. I hate hot places because it makes my skin...

How many pushups can you do?

this is also relevant to whether ur a guy or a girl so it'll be interesting to see that too also dont lie i'll kno if ur lying._.

Do you vape? with or without nicotine?

I smoke puff bars which are disposable vapes. The Puff Bar company doesn’t actually distribute in the US anymore so all the puffs that...

Would you be Nervous if you Found out you could Schedule the Jab for Today?

**My fiance's Mum (Out in The UK) is getting her First Dose Today and next Week, My sister's Husband is Getting it for his job. xx